Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is up with me?

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It has been far too long...With the excitement of prom finally out of the way, my kids made it through finals, Swan Lake rehearsals in full swing, an art commission that did not pan out (but I went through the planning exercise and halfway through a model  of a work that would be enlarged to about 4  feet by 4.5 feet), journal entries for my class that is ongoing at the Studio (in McHenry) and well more chauffeuring, I can't find the time to reflect on my life!  I need to post some images from my journal here and I really need to start thinking about my growth both as an artist and an artist that actually earns money from their art! Something that I am doing for myself right now is taking Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse intitle "Flying Lesson."  I had this urge to learn more about the business of art, not from an actual business class but from a real working and successful artist, one that I have admired for many years (well 3 to be exact).  So I have embarked on a vacation (if you will) from my artistic journey.  While this certainly isn't exactly a departure from my artistic vision (yet to be fully described), it is simply a different path that will hopefully loop back to my original path.  I have so many ideas zooming around in my head.  I just wish I was more organized. 



Undaunted said...

Sorry that the commission didn't work out. Your life sounds hectic as usual! So I'm sure you could have done without all that planning for nothing. Still, the e-course sounds interesting, and exciting! I hope it helps to take you to where you want to go with your art.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such encouraging comments :)

dandelion dreamer said...

Hopefully the course will get you on track! Good luck

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Kathy, I hope the class is worthwhile. She certainly has gotten quite a buzz going about this class. Taking a break from your normal approach will be good. It's time to regroup every once in a while. Good luck. Lorrie

Concetta said...

Popping over from the Flying Lessons! Your art is great!

Anonymous said...

I bet the work you did for the commission will result in a new project.

I once wrote a description for a class and made a little zine for a class I offered and no one enrolled.

A couple weeks later, I got an even better gig...... because someone had seen my zine.

So, I keep putting it out there.

Thanks for your comment about my polls (from Flying Lessons)