Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prom 2010

This past weekend I had the lovely experience of going through a prom once again, only I was on the cleaning/spending/ cooking end of it.  My 17 year old went all out for this event.  We spent more money on the dress, the hair, the shoes, the jewelry, the food, the tickets, the garter, the photos, and on and on.  But I can say that everyone is safe and sound and there were no car accidents etc...  So here she is, my beautiful baby...all grown up.

PS  no art in a week arggggggggg


Undaunted said...

Wow, she's beautiful! I'm sure it was worth every penny!

Healing Woman said...

Oh my gosh..she is gorgeous. What a dress!

Susan said...

Very pretty girl! She has a lovely figure also.

Love the color of the dress, a little grown up for HS prom, though. (IMHO)

no pictures of her date?


Michele Hartwig said...

Wow! She is so beautiful! She makes the dress look gorgoues!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Wow! Hope she had a great time.

Kate said...

Beautiful daughter and beautiful dress. I hope a good time was had by all!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for your lovely blog comment. I hope you do get time to put your visions down on paper - I'm about to go and seek out a notebook to do just that!

Good luck with your flying lessons!

Julie :)