Saturday, April 18, 2009

Completed Work: "On the Wings of Faith." 4-19-09

Finished!!!! YEA. I really love this piece and I am struggling with giving it up. But I made it with the fund raiser in mind and so it came from that part of my heart, specifically for that purpose. So, I give it up. I wish you could see and feel the texture on this work. I really love using tissue and napkins to build up layers. While the scan does not show it, she has a tiny bit of glitter on her wings, not a lot, just enough to hint supernatural. As far as the artist crayons and blending (asked Lorrie), I will blend them primarily with water. You can keep working them without losing pigment. But I have also blended these crayons with acrylics. After blending with water, if the color needs to be enhanced, I have then resorted to using neutral acrylics to blend. That works just fine. If you want to add other media on top of the crayons, what I do is use Krylon workable fixative to hold the crayons on the substrate and then paint over or use a media over them. Before I seal my work I will spray with the workable fixative so nothing runs as I seal it with varnish. I also use graphite and of course if you don't fix the piece before applying varnish, the graphite smears and runs. THe writing on the side of the painting says: "Live by faith-one day at a time." Now all I have to do is seal the work and it is good to go. I hope who ever wins the piece will appreciate the symbols and emotion that went into it. Lorrie, if you have any more questions on the crayons, give me a holler. You can buy them individually too if you just want to experiment.

I am sooo tired. Colin and Claire turned 14 yesterday and IT was such an action packed day and we kept on going till about 11 PM. They had a final dance/mixer at their school in the evening. After the dance, which was emotional because they will soon graduate 8th grade, the kids surrounded them and sang Happy Birthday, hence the photo. Then it was out for dinner and more celebration. Too much partying for me!

Finally, if any of you are in Palatine this Sunday, I will be in a group show at Emmetts Ale House Stop by and say "Hi" and have a good beer, micro brewed of course!.



Undaunted said...

I'm not surprised that you're struggling to let this one go. It is exceptionally beautiful, and possibly your best piece to date. You must feel very proud.

Do you think you will make prints of this piece?

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Kathy, It turned out great. Part of why you're struggling to let it go is because it's wonderful. Part of it, however, is probably because you just finished it. I usually have to wait a bit before my mind will allow myself to say that someone else can have it. You gave birth to it and naturally would like to enjoy it before it goes off on its own!

Thanks for the posts on the crayons. I've been using cheapie oil pastels lately and like them very much. The problem is that I can't write on top of it. You've answered my question: use a fixative before proceding! Duh! When you seal a piece, what do you use?

Happy birthday to twinnies! My son's 8th grade farewell is coming up in May. Middle school went faster than I ever thought possible.

Have a good day.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's been so long since I've had time to visit your blog. This piece is stunning. I hope your show went well on Sunday and you didn't suffer too much letting this gorgeous piece go.

Your work is always special, but this one pushed all my buttons.

Contessa Kris said...

The completed work is stunning! You've done an exquisite job! I know whomever buys it will be so overjoyed. Congrats on such a beautiful job. Good luck on the show. Happy birthday to the kiddos.

.kat. said...

Kathy that piece is absolutely
beautiful! Such a wonderful
piece to go towards a such a
beautiful cause. So have you
thought of a new piece to do
yet? ;o)