Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the zone... Live by Faith

I started, yes finally, I started. It has been a great while since I stepped into my messy studio. But after slathering some gesso on an ampersand panel, I am off. Let me begin by saying that I was having a hard time with some details about this work and they were really stupid. I could not decide what substrate to use and then I was worried about how I would present it. I get so caught up in stuff that I should not have even worried about till I am done! But that is how my mind work. I have finished the collage in my brain and am trying to frame it before I even start. My original thought was to go with what I like to use the most and that is 300 lb watercolor paper....mmmm I love Arches. But I knew I did not want to donate the piece without making it ready to hang. I had the paper cut and was prepared to start when I decided to take a trip to Michaels (dangerous I know) to pick up some clear gesso and a frame for a picture of my son. Now, I love the museum board quality of anything Ampersand but those panels are very expensive. I rarely purchase them even for works that I am going to sell unless there is a big sale. But I found myself wandering in the direction of canvas panels and papers. And there they were...I had never seen the lower end line of Ampersand products. Where have I been! I bought a 6 by 12 panel mounted on a 3/4 inch cradle of some inexpensive hardwood. It took me about 30 seconds to pay and get out of the store. All I did to it when I got home was sand the sides and then apply several coats of gesso and boom...ready. Here is about 3 hours worth of work. The background is more or less established. I have the main figure to draw and then will also draw some free elements in the background...we will see how it unfolds. I absolutely love this unusual size and it is perfect for what I envision. Just hope my stored away in the brain imagine looks as good on the wood panel as it does in my brain. Yipee I am excited. I definitely have to become more aware of art materials out there....



julie mitchell said...

Hi Kathy,

Glad you're over your 'bump'...I hit them too. If what you've presented here is what you're working on I love it...the colors are wonderful. Living near Yosemite like I do it reminds me of the massive slabs of granite that make up much of the area...Getting image in brain out into our reality...I had a Spirit Figure dancing in my head the other day and spent most of one night working out the details while sleeping...crazy...

Undaunted said...

Is that 6 x 12 inches or 6 x 12 ... feet?

It's looking great so far. I think the spring weather is just what we need to dust off the mental cobwebs and get creative! I can't wait to see the finished piece!

Sorry I haven't responded to the award yet - I've been trying to! But this week has been so busy.

Kathy L said...


You crack me up! 6 by 12 inches...If I ever work that large I would need a new studio :) I was hoping to work on the piece today (a day off of work) but somehow I got busy with other stuff!


Undaunted said...

Umm... yeah I suppose I didn't really think that one through did I? :D Hehehe! Well, you never know!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Oh, Kathy, we think alike and it is paralizing! I've got tons of finished pieces in my head and nothing on paper/canvas because there is always some unimportant "problem" to solve first. I make myself crazy!

I'm going to check out your purchase at Michael's. Love your start. So glad that you're up and running. Go, go, go!


Contessa Kris said...

It looks like you're off to a beautiful running start. I'm at the stuck stage myself. With everyone either sick or studying for a test (dd - ACT) its been hectic and very non-artistic feeling. I need to do art but don't have an artistic feeling in any appendage at the moment.

Can't wait to see your finished piece.

Rosa Murillo said...

Hi Kathy, I love the size! congrats on starting a new piece! it's like riding a bicycle, you'll get your stride. I love the colors and the background. I think panel is my favorite thing to work in because it takes the collages better than canvas. I buy them at they're cheaper than Michaels (is that an expensive store or what?!)
thank you SO MUCH for the award! I need to respond to that, but it's been creaaaazy around here. My inlaws are coming to visit (yelp!) can't wait to see it finished! many hugs!

ps, the word verification I got is "phrida" how cool!