Monday, December 01, 2008

Nutcracker Push 12-1-08

I am having serious withdrawal...I can't stand that feeling of not being able to find the time to escape into my studio. I have a work I am just dying to finish. I need to feel the paint between my fingers. Poor Clara will have to wait as well as the rest of my life. I have not even had the time to check in regularly with my usual life lines on-line. Kelly Rae, Rosa, Misty, to name a few. My own blog is also suffering. Those that follow, please forgive me.

So where have these two months gone? I have been so wrapped up with my children's performances. The extra rehearsals and trying to juggle the home work agenda (theirs of course), is trying to say the least. We are at the studio or in the car going to and from the studio most of our free time. My son Colin has perhaps the the heaviest load. He has two solo parts: Fritz and the Russian and a rather large core role in a newer addition to this particular choreography. He is also understudy to the male solo role for Chinese. This means a lot of extra rehearsal time. All three of the kids have been plagued by injuries as well. Colin has had a pulled groin muscle and shin splints. Trying to get a 13 yr old boy to sit with ice packs on his
injuries is next to impossible. The girls have had similar injuries and Kaitie has been plagued by hip problems. We have been nursing them each evening trying to keep them together. Then there have been all the colds. Serious sniffles have been passed around between kids and adults for the past 8 weeks. No wonder I can't think straight. And now we are headed for the home stretch. The rehearsals will only intensify. Tech week (a term they use for rehearsing on stage at the venue and checking all the sound and lighting, begins next week. Right after school the kids will be brought to the Woodstock Opera House where they will practice until around 10 each night. Hopefully they will get their homework done. It is going to be a long couple of weeks leading up to their performances. Hopefully I will be able to post again before those performances! But I know any art will be out of the question...

Here are a few pictures of Colin and his partner Sara, doing their Chinese number.



Faye said...

What a schedule the kids have! They must love it or they wouldn't work so hard. Colin is SO grown up. You will think it is all worth it once you see the performance.

Undaunted said...

Wow, it's so lovely to see a brother and sister dancing and smiling together! It would never have happened in my house!

As regards the schedule - I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for - you or the kids! Actually, it has to be you - at least they are getting to do what they love! But you must all be so exhausted. Don't you dare apologise! I look forward to hearing all about their amazing performances when it's all over - and seeing some art of course! :)

Kathy L said...

THank you Faye and Linda...

I will survive and live to tell! Even though the post may sound like I am complaining, I am loving every minute of watching these young performers. I have watched as the Russian dance unfolded over the weeks and it so amazing how good they look now (Kaitie and Colin). Colin is able to lift Kaitlyn and actually get some air under her feet!