Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nutcracker Season

Suspended animation...that is what the month of December is for me...no art, no reading, just the Nutcracker. This is our seventh Nutcracker. Right now I am pretty much exhausted...I can't even begin to imagine how tired my three children are. Last week, every night except Monday, was filled with rehearsals from after school at 4 till almost 10. That mad rush from school to the Woodstock Opera House is absolutely crazy. Dogs have to be taken out, home work done and maybe we can sneak in some sleep. Then this past weekend the performances began. Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 5 performances. The kids managed to survive but grades suffered. IT was worth it though. I watched 4 of the 5 performances. And I just never get tired. I was so proud of them. My son had a little solo and I think I cried every time I saw it. These are just a few pictures that my oldest daughter snapped back stage. Kaitie has three roles this year, all requiring three different hair styles! She was on top of it though! I hope I can get a few more of my twins....

We have another weekend of this and then I guess I will have to clean the house and figure out what I will serve on Christmas!


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