Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well I did it. I managed to visit all 1088 entries in this years event.! My print is till on the block until midnight tonight. I will select a winner and post on my blog first thing tomorrow AM. Then I will attempt to contact the winner. Please remember to leave a link for either your blog or email so I can contact you! Oh an welcome new followers. OWOH brought you to this blog and I am gateful for the following. I love to share my process and I hope it gives you some insight into my work. I also love to brag about my family, especially my dancers!

Now for some exciting news. I have been invited to do a gallery show at Cafe Luna in Crystal Lake. This is no ordinary show though. I want to invite any of the Studio's mixed media and collage students to join me! If this is your first gallery show, this will be non threatening and a very fun experience. Please consider framing at least two or three or four of your pieces. Lynn Carlson, a curator of sorts, for the Cafe Luna, will hang the works and basically take care of the rest. Details to follow but please let me know if your are interested. We want to shoot for a mid April date (which my be negotiable). Gosh this will be so much fun. Lynn said we would have an opening reception and everything! Little did you guys know how full service my classes are!


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Debby said...

Good for you! It was quite a journey and so fun to see all the beautiful blogs. Good luck tomorrow and congrats on your show.