Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching up with Found Art 9-19-08

I have been so out of sorts lately. Maybe it is because my fifteen year old has a new "friend" and will be going to homecoming, maybe it is because her grades are dismal, maybe it is because I have taken yet another volunteer role, this time for the public library, maybe it is because I have been uninspired to do any art and I have a show looming ahead (Nov. 1). I don't know.. maybe it is just me. Well yesterday I basically said to hell with it all and went down into my studio to start a new work. This one is inspired by the Arabian dance from the Nutcracker. I found all sorts of watercolor paper scraps on my table and completed this bookmark collage based on my state of mind. I am thinking I will leave it in our library because we are there so often. While I have not been doing Rosa's themes of late, I have been doing my own thing continuing in the found art tradition. I find it relaxing. These little pieces are so quick and satisfying. I just wish whoever finds these gems would at least leave a comment on my blog like I found it...thanks. Since 2006 I have been leaving little gems all over McHenry county and only once did I receive a comment! That resulted in my first ever gallery show. I guess I should just realize that the average person just does not get it.


Kari Gibson said...

Well, this is a lovely piece and I am sure whoever gets it will appreciate it, even if they don't leave a comment. I do Bookcrossing and leave books all over the place, but very rarely hear who found them. Mind you, when you release something, that in itself is the fun part anyway.

Good luck with getting out of the slump - looks like you are well on the way to creativity again.

Sometimes these periods of disatisfaction are indicators of a period of growth, so keep working through it, the pain will be worth it.

Undaunted said...

I love your book mark! I'd be very happy to find that :)

Sorry that you've been feeling out of sorts. As Kari said, it looks like you are on your way to being creative again. I think being creative can be emotionally draining - maybe you need to "feed" yourself. I remember Cynthia saying how a night at the ballet recharged her creative batteries - and I know how you love ballet!

Undaunted said...

PS. You have been awarded an award!