Monday, June 16, 2008


Kaitie ,
Kaitie and Colin, Claire

There are times in our lives when we experience something wonderful, something so wonderful that you will never forget it. This past weekend was filled with those experiences for me. My children performed in a new ballet (to their ballet school that is) , I had my artist reception, and we celebrated Fathers Day together.

I am choosing to blog about Coppelia first because of the range of emotions that I experienced this weekend. Coppelia debuted over 100 years ago in Paris and has been with us ever since. It is a marvelous ballet based on a book, The Sandman, written by E.T.A. Hoffman (the same guy who wrote the Nutcracker). It is about as comical as any ballet can get. Mrs. Svalander made sure that each class level, from the 4 year olds through the seniors in high school, were given center stage, at least for a few minutes. I can't begin to describe my feelings as the curtain rose. My children, as well, as the entire ballet school, had been working on this ballet for several months, with many long hours spent in rehearsal. I often felt like I should bring an air mattress and camp out at the ballet school. And as the curtain went up for the first time on Friday, my adrenaline was pumping in anticipation of a lavish work. I was completely overwhelmed and amazed by the entire work.

I laughed, I cried, I applauded, and I cheered. I am so fortunate to have been a parent in the audience! All the kids, from littlest to biggest, gave it their all. I am so proud of this group of young people! And then there were my three. My Kaitlyn, who is 15, is finally coming into her own as a dancer. Her carriage was more befitting a ballerina and she finally has a smile that is both serene and wise. Her pointe work has improved and she certainly has more confidence on stage. I did not see a lot of nerves. Way to go Kaitie girl! My daughter Claire, who is 13, has always danced beyond her years. She has the grace and beauty of a much older dancer. She still has 5 years of training before college to improve her technique and strength and then I think she will be formidable. My Claire was partnered with her twin Colin and well, that is where the tears came in. They were unbelievable together. I wish I had a video to post! But alas, no pictures or videos are allowed. My 13 year old son, Colin, is maturing and coming into his own. His jumps are higher, his line is straighter, his balance is better, and his core is stronger. My only complaint about this performance is that it ended...I wanted more. But then, I am insane anyway because the ballet was about 2 1/2 hours. Sigh, I never get tired of watching my children perform. I am so proud of them.


PS> Faye, This post was written with you in mind :)


Undaunted said...

What beautiful and talented children you have!

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how is it that all three came to be in ballet school? Is it a full time school, or evening classes? I'm sorry, I know I'm so nosey sometimes!

You must be so proud. Did you do ballet at one time? I wanted to be a ballerina once. I think that's why I was first attracted to Degas' work. They're so beautiful and graceful. Me? I'm fat and clumsy! hahaha!

Kim said...

And you should indeed be very very proud of your three talented, lovely children. Enjoy these years, each is unique, never to be repeated. How marvelous the works of our Lord.

Kathy L said...

Miss undaunted, I am with you on the fat and clumsy..that describes me perfectly. I don't mind your questinos at all! When my 15 yr old was three, my husband and I and Kaitie were strolling by this ballet school in Crystal Lake, IL USA (just in case you were wondering). Kaitie poked her head in and that was it..she was smitten. At 4, she started taking classes. My twins followed but with a twist to the story. Claire could not wait to join her sister and at age 4, we signed her up...My son on the other hand, in all his 4 yr old wisdom, refused to dance. Then at age 5 Claire had the opportunity to bring her best friend to dance class. Guess who was her best friend, her twin brother Colin. The rest is history. I took dance when I was in 4th grade for one year..and that was it. We tried gymnastics and riding lessons ( horses that is) and they all wanted to dance. There you have it!

Kathy L said...

Thank you Kim...

I am so very proud of my children. To see them dance, well it is poetry in motion. They are beautiful and handsome and oh so talented. I am blessed


morningDove said...

Oh Kathy reading this post made me cry with pride for you and your children. What wonderful family.

morningDove said...

ps post: Looking at your Claire I just get the feeling she will be a very well-known, famous ballerina one day. And I love your spirit for your family. 2 1/2hrs for a ballet is not too long considering a life-time will flit by before you know it.

Rosa Murillo said...

Kathy, thanks so much fro sharing this. You are so right to be a proud mama! They look wonderful, I can imagine with your words how beuatifully they danced...
Congratulations to you too!