Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Found Art Tuesday: 7-31-07 CIRCLE

The found art topic this week was circle. Actually that was the topic last week but some of us were too busy reading the final Harry Potter book. I took this fun picture of my daughter Claire at her field day (one of the last days of school). They had games and snow cones and all that fun stuff. So here she is in a big plastic bubble, thus the title Bubble Girl. I had no particular idea for the theme so just went with the shape.

Right after I started the Harry Potter book I purchased this great new acrylic book entitled "Acrylic Revolution. You can see reviews and stuff here: It is filled with techniques and good information on the physical and chemical properties of acrylics. Since I use this medium a lot, I thought the book would be a good addition to my library. It was. It is funny though because in my mixed media adventures, I had been using a lot of the techniques in the book already. Now I have rediscovered some of them and will try to incorporate them in new works. Here in this found art piece I am using a crayon resist with ordinary kids crayons (any brand will do) or you can use oil pastels or wax pencils. So my circled themed work evolved. It is done on a piece of cardboard, 5 x5 inches in size. The photo was copied and then transferred to the gesso prepared cardboard. Crayons were used to draw circles and then color washes were over layed, fun and simple.

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robyn said...

hey Kathy, thanks for the comment. I think if I remember correctly you live near me in Northern Illinois? Anyway, we heard all the hype about the locusts too, but I did not see one the whole time. I heard rumors of people having to sweep them off their porch and driveways, but DeKalb was missed entirely. It was a real bummer. Now we just have the regular year to year ones and I love the sound. It just really feels like summer here now.
Your piece is wonderful, and thanks for the encouragement.

Rosa Murillo said...

I love all the textures! I'm gonna get that book!

Rosa Murillo said...

on the locust thing.. We had the 17 year cicle of the cicada when I was in DC in 2003 (Millions of them, they were really everywhere, I could not take two steps without stepping on one. ugh) So anyway, I also got a few wings to use for collage and I glued them down with acrylic medium, they have to be really dry though and I used one finger to work in the medium because they kept tearing when I used a brush. I love how they look! good luck!